Beyond the idea

Painting without Brushes: The participants will not be using their painting brushes for painting Story Telling: The Participants have to narrate a story that is written by them. RJ Hunt: The Participants are going to flaunt their Speaking and Communication. Mono Act: The Participants will show their acting skills and express their emotions through their act Stand-Up Comedy: Participants will get to showcase their humor and self made jokes.

Rules and Regulations

1. There will be 2 rounds in each Sub-Event.
2. Participants have to send their video on
3. Participants should make sure that their Video is not exceeding the time limit, i.e. 1 minute.
4. The Video for, Story-telling, RJ Hunt, Monologue Act and Stand-Up can be bilingual i.e. English and Hindi.
5. The Participants of Painting without Brushes should send a time lapse video while painting.

Cost - Rs 100