Debattle is a debating event where the 2 participants will be given the same topic on the spot and they have to speak for or against the motion. They will be given 2 minutes each to prove their point of views. The event is planned to be conducted over three days.

Rules and Regulations

• Make yourself prominent and better than any other person and win the event
● The participant will be judged on the basis of content, humor, cogent arguments, valid points and audience response.
● Maintain a good language etiquette
● Any form of vulgarity will lead to disqualification.
● The judge's decision will be final and binding.
● Topics will be given on the spot.
● Participants must strictly adhere to the time limits and the rules of the event.
● Each participant would be given 2 minutes to speak on the topic.
● No age barrier.

Cost - Rs 120