It's a gaming competition with two categories- BGMI and Free fire, and will be played between squads. Only group entries are accepted, each group/squad consisting of 4 members each.

Rules and Regulations

For both the categories following rules shall be applicable:
1. 4 classic matches will be conducted in the qualifiers.
2. In a match, top 3 squads will be selected for the final round.
3. Top 3 squads from each match will face in the finals.
4. Final match will have 12 squads.
5. Only one registration is allowed from each team.
6. 4 members in a squad is must, if they don't have enough members, event organizers will go through the other registrations and look up for squads with less members(less than 4) and give a spilt up of members.
7. No legendary gun skins are allowed.
8. No age limit.

Cost - Rs 200