It's a quiz competition which will help you to increase your knowledge while stimulating an interest in learning about a new subject matter.

Rules and Regulations

1. The answers must be sent to the meeting host directly.
2. The participants should remain punctual and join the Gmeet room on time.
3. The answers have to be written and an image of the answer sheet is to be sent to the meeting host within the given time. The participants must provide their names and email ids along with the submission.
4. The meeting link will be sent to the participants via whatsapp. The participants are required to provide their Whatsapp numbers during registration.
5. The participants are required to keep their mics and cameras on during the entire duration
of the event. They should make sure that they have a proper internet connection on the
day of the quiz, beforehand.
6. The participants must participate individually, without any outside help. Malpractices like
googling answers or trying to find answers from any source during the quiz will not be
tolerated and might lead to immediate disqualification.
7. In case of a tie, a tie breaker round will be held to decide the winners.
8. The decision of the judges will be the final

Cost - Rs 110