An online singing and dancing competition where talented individuals from all over India can showcase their amazing performances, unique styles, and hidden talents as well. Spotlight is divided into two categories: -Singing Competition -Dance Competition

Rules and Regulations

1. There is no age limit for the competition.
2. All genres/styles are allowed
3. The participants have to mail their video on
4. Participants must mention their name, city, and contact number in the mail or entry may not be considered.
5. The video should be of at least 1.5 minutes and should not exceed 2.5 mins.
6. No auto-tuning or editing of the video is allowed.
7. Use of karaoke or one accompanying instrument is allowed but the voice should be clear.
8. Use of vulgarity, obscenity, and profanity will lead to disqualification of participants.
9.In the SECOND round, the selected participants will be given list of hindi and english songs out of which they have to select any one of the given song of their choice for the final performance.

Cost - Rs 150