Talent Elevation

The Art and The Artist: It is a digital art event, only individual artist (of age 15 - 30 yrs ) allowed. The participants will be given a theme by the judge. They have to submit the work within the given deadline. All the details will be provided to the artists. Music Junction: It's a music event of solo performances (age 15 - 30 yrs). There will be 2 rounds. This event will be online bases event. The singers will be given the required details by the judges.

Rules and Regulations

Music Junction
1. The work has to submitted within the time duration on the designated submission ID & Whatsapp, Email ID
(Google Drive).
2. Have to upload the video in Google Drive and share the access link.
3. Use of vulgar, explicit, offensive, rude behaviour/words is Strictly Prohibited.
4. The video & audio should be of high quality.
5. The judging will be done solely on the basis of vocal performance.
6. Participants can perform with one instrumental accompaniment or with a background track.
7. Performance can be a movie song, an album song, or his/her original composition.
8. Participants can sing in either Hindi or English or Bengali language.
9. No voice modification or autotune will be entertained.
10. Participant Name, Age, City, Song Name, Song Category {i.e., romantic, sad, devotional, inspiring songs, etc.], Original Singer Name should be
mentioned in the mail.
The Art and The Artist
1. Only Individual Performance is allowed.
2. The work has to be submitted within the time duration on the designated submission ID & Whatsapp, Email ID.
3. There should be a time-lapse video, of the participant making the art.
4. The photo and video should be of high quality.
5. Entries must follow the competition theme.
6. No art previously shown on social media may be re-submitted.
7. Digital Images must be in JPG/JPEG & PSD/AI/AN format.
8. Participant Name, Age, City, Art Style, about [a little description of what their art is about] in the mail.

Cost - Rs 100