It will be an online modelling event where everyone will be showcasing their creativity and talent and confidence. This competition consists of two rounds/stages. In the first round it's a simple portfolio shoot (picture based) entry whose theme is "halloween" where the participants will be presenting their best of 3 pictures in black and white filter. And with the second round it's a video(not more than 1 min) based round with "speak your mind" as their theme(it can be with different outfits).

Rules and Regulations

1. Refund/cancellation will not be
entertained once registered.
2. One participant is allowed per
3. We have the right to disqualify
submissions on the basis of use of
any inappropriate means or any kind
of editing.
4. The entries with more than one
picture will not be accepted and
hence disqualified. The video for
the second round should not be more
than 1 minute or else will be
subject to disqualification.
5. Follow instagram's post for more
6. The dimensions of the image should
be in 1:1 ration.
7. All participants must follow
@youthindiaoutreach and @youth.delhi
on instagram.
8. The final decision about the winner
lies in the hands of organisers too.
NOTE-WHILE MAKING PAYMENTS,PLEASE USE MOBILE DATA INSTEAD OF WIFI(since there were few issues from the website previously and so this solution is found currently, it'll be resolved soon) IF YOU'RE USING LAPTOP/PC THEN CONNECT VIA MOBILE HOTSPOT.SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCES.

Cost - Rs 65